We love "people".
"People" work hard.
"People" create.
"People" have emotions.
Sometimes, people neglect their work. "People" are not perfect.
We love everything about "People".

We think that "encounters" and "trust" between people are important.
"Encounters" lead to discoveries.
Creating "bonds and trust" provides us with strength.
People can not exist alone.
We know the importance of these "encounters".

We love "TOKYO".
"TOKYO" is home to a diverse array of people.
"TOKYO" is a hub for the traffic of information.
In "TOKYO", the best and the worst interact together.

This chaotic feeling excites us about "TOKYO". We cherish the meaning of "LIVE" : living to the fullest.
"LIVE" means fresh.
"LIVE" connotes activity.
"LIVE" is always boisterous.
We are fascinated by the energy and dynamism of "LIVE".

We look seriously at what it means to be "JAPANESE".
"JAPANESE" are courteous.
"JAPANESE" work hard.
"JAPANESE" experience success in many ways.
Sometimes "JAPANESE" get the mistaken imprecise that only "JAPANESE" have talent.
We think this nai¨ve characteristic of the "JAPANESE" is rather purile.

We take pride in being "ASIAN".
"ASIANS" are energetic.
"ASIANS" never give up.
"ASIANS" have a history of skillfully interacting with different cultures.
We think that in the 21st century, "ASIANS" hold one of the keys to the realizations of a prosperous world.
We take pride in being a member of this community of "ASIANS".

We are all Asian.

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